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We at Ruah are committed to living  attentively  to  Divine Presence  through the practice of stillness, a simple lifestyle and ongoing discernment. We are committed to sharing the fruits of our contemplative practices through creatively offering a variety of soul-nourishing programmes: at our home, at centres nationally, internationally and on-line. 

We combine our training and background in psychology and  spirituality, and  creatively interweave it with a Celtic Meditative Monasticism for today. 



Whispers In The Stillness

Lenten Retreat
27th February - 3rd April (7.30p.m. - 9p.m.)
Lenten Programme Online:  Whispers in the Stillness

This programme will include Meditation, Scripture, Music, Creative Writing, Prayer etc.  
The programme also includes an On line Day Retreat on Holy Saturday (8th April)
Cost:  €120 

These sessions will be recorded.

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