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We at Ruah,  are committed to living  attentively  to  Divine Presence  through the practice of stillness, a simple lifestyle and ongoing discernment. We are committed to sharing the fruits of our contemplative practices through creatively offering a variety of soul-nourishing programmes: at our home, at centres nationally, internationally and on-line. 

We combine our training and background in psychology and  spirituality, and  creatively interweave it with a Contemplative, Meditative Monasticism for today. 

'Ruah', Hebrew Word for breath/spirit  is a special place set up by Pat & Martina;  Hospitality is one of the cornerstones of Ruah.   

Martina and the Ruah team continue to carry this torch after the devastating and heart breaking journey of Pat's passing away from cancer in May 2022.   


He asked that "Ruah must continue, it is an entity in itself".

Whatever your path is in life we hope that Ruah can provide a space for you … be it listening/watching/reading our resources on line or indeed signing up for some of our upcoming events.


For further information on the vision of 'Ruah' click the 'About' page.


Martina Lehane Sheehan

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