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Upcoming Events 2023

Monday 16th January (7.30p.m. - 8.15p.m.)
Free Online 6 week on line Reflective Space

Each Monday, join us in seeking strength and nourishment for the week ahead...
Together we will create time for stillness, guided scriptural meditation and
journaling questions. We will allow the essence of the gospel to touch our hearts
and guide us towards living more mindfully and compassionately , even in
challenging circumstances.

We are happy to offer this 6 week journey free of charge in order to make it available to as many as possible, so please feel free to tell others.

27th February - 3rd April (7.30p.m. - 9p.m.)
Lenten Programme Online:  Whispers in the Stillness

This programme will include Meditation, Scripture, Music, Creative Writing, Prayer etc.  
The programme also includes an On line Day Retreat on Holy Saturday (8th April)
Cost:  €120 
These sessions will be recorded.

To book please email 


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